How To Clean Your Car’s Floor Mats

Removing floor mats


Whether you’re running errands around Charlotte or returning to your vehicle after a day on the job site, chances are you’re tracking a lot of dirt and grime onto your vehicle’s floor mats. If you’re wondering how to clean car floor mats without damaging them, Hendrick Cadillac Monroe has the guide for you! Read on to learn how to clean rubber floor mats and carpet floor mats, courtesy of our expert service team.



Cleaning Supplies List

Before you can start, you will of course need to gather your cleaning supplies. Read below to learn what materials you need for cleaning rubber or carpet floor mats:

  • Rubber Floor Mats: Vacuum cleaner, stiff bristle brush, microfiber cloths, rubber car mat cleaning solution, hose access or bucket of water, and a covered spot to hang your mats to dry—this is ideal, but not required
  • Carpet Floor Mats: Dry vacuum cleaner and wet vac (if available), soft bristle brush, carpet floor mat cleaning solution, hose access or bucket of water, and a covered spot to hang your mats to dry

How to Clean Rubber Floor Mats

Many Pineville drivers replace their carpet floor mats with rubber floor mats. Whether you live in an area that sees a lot of precipitation or you’re a dedicated off-roader, rubber mats can go a long way to salvage your vehicle’s interior condition. Eventually, your rubber mats will need to be cleaned. Here’s how to ensure a thorough job:

  1. Take the floor mats out of your vehicle so you can deep clean them without soaking your car’s cabin.
  2. Give the mats a strong shake to loosen up all the dirt and debris, then vacuum up what remains.
  3. Rinse the mats with water.
  4. Apply the rubber matt cleanser to the mats. Use your scrub brush to work up a good lather and lift up any stubborn grime and mud.
  5. Rinse away the soap with water.
  6. Use a microfiber towel to dry the mats completely before placing them in your vehicle. If you can find a good spot to do so, hanging them out to dry for a few hours is a great idea. You don’t want any leftover moisture when you place the mats back in your car, as this can foster mold growth.

How to Clean Floor Mats with Carpet

Maybe you drive a luxury vehicle in Concord, or you simply prefer the carpet floor mats that came with your vehicle over rubber. Cleaning carpet floor mats requires a little more care since they’re more delicate:

  1. Take the floor mats out of your vehicle.
  2. Shake the floor mats out and hit them on a hard surface to get rid of dust and dirt.
  3. Vacuum the mats to lift out any particles left behind.
  4. Follow the application instructions on the carpet floor mat cleaner of your choice.
  5. Use your scrub brush to remove stains and deep-rooted debris.
  6. Rinse away all of the soap with water.
  7. If a wet vac is available, use it to vacuum your wet floor mats. You’ll be able to lift up any last remaining dirt and get your mats to a point where they’re damp, but not soaking wet.
  8. Hang up your mats until they are completely dry. You should not put them back in your vehicle while damp, because there’s a risk of mold growth.

Need a Deeper Clean?

If you take your floor mats out of your car and realize it might be time for a deeper clean than you can manage at home, we’ve got you covered at Hendrick Cadillac Monroe. Contact us or schedule an appointment to get started! We’ll get your vehicle sparkling like new in no time. Looking for more car cleaning tips? Check out our guide to cleaning leather car seats.


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